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Silvester - eine Britin in Hannover

Sprachfetzen beginnt das neue Jahr einmal andersherum. Kein Deutscher in England, sondern eine Engländerin in Deutschland. Kracher und Raketen an Silvester ist eigentlich nicht so das Ding in England. Erst seit dem Millenium-Spektakel wird dort zum Jahreswechsel etwas mehr geknallt. Unsere Britin war um Mitternacht in Hannover wo das Leben tobte.

“At about 11.45 we headed out onto the streets…to  anarchy! It is amazing the cultural differences in Europe. In England, for as long as I can remember, and I’m talking about way back to my small childhood, fireworks have been the domain of men! Women and children stand safely back, whilst men proceed to cautiously light the chosen firework, for the aforementioned fairer sex and little people to ‘Whoa’, ‘Ah’, ‘Whee’ at; followed by another firework lit for the same procedure of adoration and amazement to repeat itself. Well on the streets of Germany it is chaos….everywhere and I mean everywhere, irrelevant of parked cars, pedestrians, passing buses, open windows, fireworks are being let of by everyone and sundry. I saw kids no higher than my knee lighting fireworks…and as for safely standing back….when fireworks are being let off 360 degrees to you….it’s hard to be sure where a safe distance or place is! It was so different to the UK!!!! When I was a kid we had fireworks…but more and more often everybody goes to firework displays and the safety element and statistics of accidents each year seem to have deterred the Bits from having their own firework extravaganza. Not so the Germans!! After about 30 - 45 minutes of pyromaniac display of light, colour, smoke and sounds we returned to the flat amidst the debris of several hundred thousand euros of fireworks’ carcases. And of course, with German efficiency, the road sweepers were out in the early morning…so when the citizens of Hannover (and probably every city and town across the Fatherland) awoke…all was clean and back to order. It’s funny, and just so different to England. We’d have been arrested the previous night for such careless behaviour….and the streets would have stayed filthy for weeks to come…with everyone lamenting the mess and the falling of standards. So different….not necessarily better…just so different.”

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